Ahmad Shamlou, also known under his pen name, Alef Bamdad, is among The following are 9 poems by Ahmad Shamlou and their English translations by. Ahmad Shamlou (December 12, – July 23, ) was an Iranian poet, writer, and . Shamlou connects his poem to the collective consciousness of the whole world, presenting characters of the hero and even the social scapegoat rather. Mar 02, “Don -e- Araam” translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Sad Story. Mar 05, , The Children Poems section has been added. Feb

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Shamlou connects his poem to the collective consciousness of the whole world, presenting characters of the hero and even the social scapegoat rather in a curious way as we read about the case of a man who sacrifices himself for land and love and, yet, who is betrayed by others due to their ignorance and biases.

O’ God O’ God riders shouldn’t be standing The time that Happening is warned beside the burned hedge The girl is standing silent and her thin skirt is shaking in the wind. Inhe taught Persian literature at Tehran University. Inhe made a final attempt at completing his high school degree in Urumiehbut he failed. Cheragh by Ahmad Shamlu. Then you became a treasure. In he toured Europe again and returned to Iran for another four years of intensive work.

At age 29, following the fall of Prime Minister Mohammad MosaddeqShamlou was arrested for being a member of the communist Tudeh Party of Iran and imprisoned for more than one year. Shamlou has translated extensively from French to Persian and his own works are also translated into a number of languages. Inhe travelled to the United States and gave poetry readings in many cities.

In a void atmosphere where neither God nor fire exited, I’d sought your gaze and confidence with a hopeless prayer. His translation of Barefoota novel by Zaharia Stancuwas released inestablishing Shamlou’s authority as a translator. For infrastructure and impact, he uses a kind of everyday imagery in which personified oxymoronic elements are spiked with an unreal combination of the abstract and the concrete thus far unprecedented in Persian poetry, which distressed some of the admirers of more traditional poetry.


In the manner of many children who grow up in families with military parents, he received his early education in various towns, including Khash and Zahedan in the southeast of Iran, and Mashhad in the northeast, and Rasht in the north. Inhe became editor-in-chief of Khusheh.

Alexadrian In search of you I weep at the threshold of the mountain, At the margin of the sea and the foliage. Then, he confesses that the beloved ahmzd come from the suns and dawns, from the mirrors shqmloo silks.

He underwent several operations and inhis right foot was amputated due to severe diabetic problems. He was also elected to the membership of the Writer’s Union’s leadership. He became the editor-in-chief of Bamshad literary magazine in Aida’s Thanks, Shamlu’s latest Poem.

Ahmad Shamlou

Dec 01, Speech of Mrs. Inhe published his new poem, Dagger On The Plate. Neshat Esfahani Abbas Foroughi Bastami — He died on Sunday, July 23,at 9 p. His complete collection of poems was printed in Germany, and he returned to Iran. Make a Small Donation. Upon the Plum beaus back ground of morning the rider is standing silent and perturbs his horses long mane in the wind.

Feb 05, Some New Books and Tapes has been added to shamlu’s bookstore.

From Aahmad, the free encyclopedia. He was a major force in the intellectual movement opposed to the former Shah of Iran before the revolution. Alexadrian – Where are you? The Children Poems section has been added.

Ahmad Shamlou – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on Several audio cassettes were released of Shamlou reciting other classical and modern poets’ work.


Even though his focus is the purity of such individuals, many of whom were his close friends, Shamlou writes his elegiac poems boldly and does not hold back from criticizing and denouncing hypocrisy and cruelty of his society. In he began publishing short stories for children, as well as directing documentary films and working for film studios.

You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Master poet of Liberty”.

In he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Ahmae the sky to give me a dagger made of the brilliant of its stars. He was admitted to this school on the condition that he be demoted two years. He obtained membership in the Iranian Academy of Language.

Jul 9, Shamlu. Some New Books and Tapes has been added to shamlu’s bookstore. Persian-language poets Iranian journalists Iranian poets Iranian translators People from Tehran Burials at Emamzadeh Taher births deaths 20th-century translators 20th-century poets Tudeh Party of Iran politicians.

Soon inhe and the rest of the family once again left Tehran to move for Gorgan. Shamlou’s poetry is complex, yet his imagery, which contributes significantly to the intensity of his poems, is simple.

His thirteen-volume Ketab-e Koucheh The Book of Alley is a major contribution in understanding the Iranian folklore beliefs and language.

His second collection of poems, Manifesto Persian: Maybe, one shamkoo the remarkable characteristics and strongest aspects in his writings is the epic rhythm of his works.