HINDI COMICS PLAZA. Here you will get all hindi comics. You can download it in PDF format. Get your favorite comics, books, novels, magazines, etc & Enjoy. Angara was the brainchild of Dr. Kunal who is research scientist on fictional Angara Island. He teaches the animals present on the island to talk. When a foreign. Angara Ki Jung – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. 2nd Comic of Angara Documents Similar To Angara Ki Jung.

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He is the king of Naaglok land of snakes which reside in human form which is in Patal lok which is said to be b Anonymous October 18, at 3: Angara’s rhino skin made him bullet-proof, and his brain from th Backed by Tulsi Pocket Books, a popular publishers of Hindi novels in India, and backed by an established and vast customer base of the novels, Tulsi comics shut down inbut after creating some of India’s most famous and cherished superheroes.

Tulsi Comics

So friends, enjoy reading his initiation story till we meet again. Sanjana Rathore December 31, at 4: Kunal and the animals have no where to go, Dr.


Dr Kunal, who was also a surgeon, decided to create a powerful creature to fight the Americans’ powerful army and that’s how Angara was born. Angara and Tausi killed Jambu.

Download Hindi Comics: Angara | Tulsi Comics

Angara Ke Do Dushman. Angara, a man made of animal body parts, [6] was created by Dr Kunal. He has special aangara training taken from experts and he knows the language of every animal. Could you pleasetell me how to download. Dr Kunal helped him to achieve all these qualities which makes him a Super hero.

India led to its death. Tulsi Comics were published monthly. Newer Post Older Post Home. Good Work and Thank you for your collection. Posted by Aby at 9: Dr Kunal helped him to achieve all these qualities which makes him a Super hero. Dear bro, Pl upload the below missing comics of anagara: Rakesh Negi May 1, at 7: Angara is also a similar character but his stories were very well written and illustrated.

Indian Comicology: Angara

Bachpan ki Yaadein Taza ho gayi. Newer Post Older Post Home. His body was made of Rhino’s skin thus making him bulletproof, his eyes were of an eagle giving him excellent sight, brain from a fox thus making him comocs minded, power of an elephant, heart of a lion, etc.


I would like to donate for this project: Thursday, May 7, Angara. Retrieved from ” https: Anonymous April 1, at Unknown June 16, at 8: He becomes their ruler by killing the native race’s King by beating him in a duel. He finds the head who tells him that his body has liquid which can cure ahgara diseases and grant immortality.

Link removed as Raj Comics has acquired full rights of Tulsi Comics. Bhawa Download Download Download Angara Ka Double Cross.

It was a digest comics with 60 pages. Since most of the comic readers in India are children who had limited pocket agara, this practice ultimately backfired, and it lost popularity among its reader base.

Friend February 19, at 5: