BACTEC™ // I. PRINCIPLE. The detection of microorganisms in a patient’s blood has diagnostic and prognostic importance. Bactec Plus blood culture bottles were preincubated at 35°C or at room temperature before entry into the Bactec instrument to determine the influence of. The overall recovery of organisms and time to detection with the BACTEC and BACTEC systems were compared in a multicenter.

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It is designed to neutralize antibiotics present in the sample. After all, as long as one bottle of a standard aerobic and anaerobic blood culture set detects Candida growth, the clinician will be able to treat the patient appropriately. For more information on the Bactec microbiological system and other refurbished microbiological systems we carry, please browse through our online store. However, few institutions routinely utilize a mycology bottle as a part of all blood culture sets, secondary to the requirement for extra blood and laboratory space.

To add this product to your interest list, sign up or login. Multifactor analysis of variance was followed by Student-Newman-Keuls tests. We also thank Walter Mika for assistance with phlebotomy and John A. Journal List J Clin Microbiol v.

Growth was detected in all BacT and Bactec mycology bottles, all BacT aerobic bottles, and by terminal subculture of all bottles. Fifty clinical isolates of Candida were used in this study, including 10 isolates of each of the following species: This greater recovery leads to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, which can in turn lead to shorter hospital stays, lower patient costs, and greater overall laboratory and institutional efficiency.


Under these circumstances, when only aerobic and anaerobic media are used, the BacT performed better than the BACTEC in overall detection, time to detection, number of false-negatives, and missed episodes of simulated candidemia.

Multiple studies have demonstrated effective recovery of Candida spp. Clinical comparison of two commercial blood culture systems.

This protocol was approved by the institutional review board at Brooke Army Medical Center. The overall difference in time to detection between the two systems can be solely attributed to the delayed time to growth detection of C.

Bactec 9240 Blood Culture System, BD Bactec 9240

Blood culture bottles in which no growth was detected were removed from the automated system after 12 days, seven days after the last bottle had growth detected in either automated blood culture system. Time to growth detection for C. Recall, though, that our isolates were all incubated for a total of 12 days.

All bottles were subcultured and demonstrated heavy growth of pure yeast colonies and were therefore true positives. Vactec of the six types of media were able to detect growth of all 50 Candida isolates.

Bactec Blood Culture System, BD Bactec

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. A closer review of the data bqctec reveals an important finding. Fifty isolates of Candida spp. Capability Please Select Anesthesia delivery Biosciences Cervical cancer screening Diabetes care Drug delivery systems Genomics Hazardous drug safety Infection prevention Infusion Lab automation Medication and supply management Microbiology solutions Molecular diagnostics Sharps disposal solutions Software solutions Specimen collection Surgical instruments Syringes and needles.


A review of the literature revealed that, in addition to our previous observations, other authors have described a similar phenomenon with regard to recovery of Candida spp.

There is no consensus in the literature concerning the optimal incubation period required for recovery of yeasts from automated blood culture systems 3hactec Several studies also exist that compare the BacT and Bactec automated blood culture systems 10121417212326 Individual blood culture bottles were removed from the automated blood culture systems when growth was detected and time to detection was recorded.

Growth detection results for each Candida spp. A direct comparison of two automated blood culture systems was conducted to compare their ability to detect Candida growth.

BD BACTEC™ Blood Culture Media – BD

The mean time to growth detection in the BacT system was The ability of automated blood culture systems to detect growth of NAC species has not been thoroughly evaluated. George1 Clinton K. Make a Call Today!

Therefore, time to detection of Candida growth is an important consideration. This unique medium contains a lysing agent to lyse both red and white blood cells, releasing any intracellular organisms. However, most clinical laboratories do not routinely use mycology media for all blood cultures.

Secular trends in the epidemiology of nosocomial fungal infections in the Bacttec States, Time to Candida spp. Product Line Please Select.