So I know that they designed some aerotech units for the game, but I haven’t seen any Aerotech Bay’s on the Argo from the cohcarnage stream. Stand-alone game that joins to BattleTech series adding aerospace fighters & drop ships. Fighters must penetrate outer defenses while taking advantage of. BATTLETECH – Beta Backer Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man Crusader Kings II: Reapers Due Hearts of Iron IV: Field Marshal Hearts of.

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Due to balance problems, AT1 was replaced by an edition known as BattleSpace. I know “in success” that might change big time.

Let’s talk about AeroTech Fighters, Dropships and WarShips 😉

Shazbot85 View Profile View Posts. This was an exclusive prize for the winner of an AT2R launch event. Dec 25, Messages: Start a New Nattletech. A Naval AC10 round weighs about a half ton. Additionally the book expanded to also included, new art, mini technical readout for various aerospace fighters, and the color schemes of faction’s navies who have Warships. If so does each fighter come with a differant strike ability?

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There have been 5 revisions of these rules. TheWackyWombatApr 12, Battlstech wonder if they’ll come as a DLC Yeah, an AC10 round singular weighs around 45 kg assuming its analagous to mm shell. Tournament play rules cover from small craft, fighters, and dropships are placed in the Tournament rules sets for play: I could see that maybe being added someday as a DLC or something.

Fourth edition of the Aerospace rules, clear up problems encountered in original AeroTech2 rule battletecg. Originally posted by Jason:.

Additionally, the book expanded to also included, new art, mini technical readout for various aerospace fighters, and the color schemes of faction’s navies who have warships. Not necessarily fighters, but I would love to see helos. A supplement information book was printed for aertech vehicles used in the game. On February 1,Columbia disintegrated during re-entry over Texason its 28th missionkilling all seven crew members.

Aerotech units? :: BATTLETECH General Discussions

Tactical Operations another Total Warfare series advance rules book, includes new Advanced Aerospace type equipment which is considered non-Tournament. I would note that the typical armament battleech jump capable warships was for the aerotedh part, analogues of the same sorts of weapons dropships and aerospace fighters use, which in turn are basically the same things as what battlemechs use.


AFAIK, we simply don’t know. Additional new units were introduced to the games including new Warships, Aerospace fighters, and dropships.

But i just havent seen them yet, ao im wondering where they are an how they will work. The AT2R rules introduced Fighter Squadron rules, to allow small fighters to be able take on more powerful units in the game. PanpiperApr 12, Total Warfare and construction in TechManual.

Maybe let mechs equip tagging equipment that could make the attacks more effective. Can someone tell me how the airstrikes will work?

May 21, Messages: There have been 5 revisions of these rules. These pictures were full-color pictures of metal miniatures of Warships. A random event that occasionally happens abord the Argo is aeroetch of pirates, where we have the choice of paying off the pirates or using the Leopard drop ship to fight them off.