Frank Richards has books on Goodreads with ratings. Frank Richards’s most popular book is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School. Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School [Frank Richards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author Frank Richards’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest The Billy Bunter stories were serialised in The Magnet from until the.

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Bunter Does His Best, In my view the key to FR’s philosophy, in almost every area, is his hatred of bullying – and, especially, cruelty to animals. His support is keenly solicited by supporters of both camps, and Bunter becomes the centre of attention — a position he exploits to the full. The majority of the stories are based at Greyfriars School, a boarding school set in the fictional village of Friardale.

FR deliberately created Hurree Singh, the cleverest member of the Famous Five, to combat racism among his readers. In Bunter’s fat circumference, under villy many layers of fat, frqnk was a heart, and in Bunter’s heart at the present moment there was a horrible quake. Billy Bunter’s First Case, The only thing I didn’t read were westerns.

Predictable, formulaic and repetitive, my heart still beats faster when, on those rare occasions, I billh another to add to my collection.

Conspiratorial conversations would be overheard by Bunter, whether from the fichards side of a keyhole or from under the seat in a rail compartment while avoiding the ticket inspector.

Bunter’s defining characteristic is his greediness and billly overweight appearance. The quickest way to see what wasn’t reprinted is George Beal’s book on Baker’s Magnet reprints which I don’t have. I write as a socialist who has loved FR for forty years, and won’t be changing. His mother was ill!


The Bunter books (1947-1965)

Buster Cheeky Weekly Cor!! Three Billie Turf movies were made between andmostly spelling the name of the main character as “Billy Turf”.

Justly famous for the quality of the storytelling, this concerns the arrival of Frank Courtenay, later captain of the Fourth, and his uphill battles with the so-called “nuts”, led by the arch villain, Ponsonby.

As his character developed, the stammering would disappear; and the stock phrase would be replaced by the greeting “I say, you fellows! Bunter’s ventriloquism skills would be used as a means of creating conflict between other characters.

Bunter the Bad Lad, Another expertly written story from Charles Hamilton which compares more than favourably with the above Highcliffe duo. I guess that’s a fairly normal list for a young boy. The school is made up of seven forms based upon age group of which Billy Bunter is a member of the Remove.

Billy Bunter by Frank Richards | Featured Books : Stella & Rose’s Books

My real name is David I just thought it would be fun to use a pseudonymand I am a 45 year old accountant in the UK Gt. On closer inspection, however, this turns out to be the more modest Bunter Villa in Surrey, with a maid, a cook and a single Ford car. George Orwell described him as ” Jack and Jill Playhour. There are some peculiarities of Frank Richards’ writings that I have never seen comments bilpy.


They are all bad characters!

In later years his main political idea is that politicians are detestable hypocrites. There are some great action sequences in this collection, even if you don’t and I don’t like boxing. From the mids, just as Hamilton increasingly developed Bunter’s comic potential, so he began to use Bunter’s antics as a gichards to initiate and drive forward the plots.

Billy Bunter’s Brainwave, Do you know of anyone that could offer enlightening remarks on any of these observations? Another favourite well, it’s hard to pick just one from issues!

He claimed Bunter was derived from three persons: He was a reader of the comic itself in his childhood who by chance came across a few Hamilton facsimile editions in a local library a couple of years ago. A number of books have been written on CH. Billy Bunter’s Bargain, Nunter Hamilton used upwards of twenty pen names and is the most prolific author of boy’s stories of all time.

Don’t have an account yet. As Frank Richards’s Billy Bunter stories are so prolific it is very hard to give you all of the information available but I hope you have enjoyed this introduction. In a conversation with his study mate Peter Todd, Bunter’s view of the two candidates offers an insight into his priorities in life:.

Charles Hamilton invented the character for an unpublished story in the late s.