The Collected Works of Billy the Kid has ratings and reviews. Michael said: This is a portrait of Billy the Kid as reflected in a thousand piec. Drawing on contemporary accounts, period photographs, dime novels, and his own prodigious fund of empathy and imagination, Michael Ondaatje’s visionary. THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BILLY THE KID. Anne Blott. Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is a montage of techniques designed to.

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Sep 08, Victor rated it it was amazing Shelves: In a new afterword Ondaatje reveals that he did almost no outside research prior to or during writing. So he shot the horse.

I was standing on a wall, at my feet there woris this bucket and in the bucket was a pump and I was pumping water out over the wall. From the first page of text, an empty frame, to the last, Ondaatje’s framed and reduced photo of a child within a larger frame, hard black lines delineate the shape of the poems. I re-read passages numerous times just to float in the imagery and soak it up.

In he settled in Toronto. But, as I said, the work as a whole never quite comes together for me. The book is not your average story with a beginning, middle and end, but more a collection of poetry, prose and photos, almost like a documentary collection, except Ondaatje wrote a lot of the fiction, drawing from his own life experiences and incidents.

My parents got me reading early, I feel like I was reading books quite early. In long white dresses in the dark house, the large bones somehow taking on the quietness of the house. Billy’s collected works swing between fixity and movement.

Here then is a maze to begin, be in. The phrase “would say,” the stilted language, and the mechanical repetition of ticket-taking all point up the reduction of the once notorious outlaw.


The Collected Works of Billy the Kid : Michael Ondaatje :

Their roof would have collapsed from the number of birds who might have lived there if the desert hadn’t killed three- quarters of those that tried to cross it. The following scene from the sequence has a circular completeness on the page. He did that for 3 of them so they got away and 3 of us couldnt escape. Couldn’t get it out, but imagined the pain. Retrieved 9 September workx The Architecture of Happiness Alain de Botton.

This is a portrait workz Billy the Kid as reflected in a thousand pieces of a shattered mirror. Part imagination part reportage – which is another type of imagination alltogether – this book strikes at the truth that lives between the fancy and the fact. He tried for 5 minutes to get the reigns on the last horse but kept missing. Because it’s half poetry, half short-form prose.

Billy writes about Garrett: The summary half-lines broken across the page invoke the future, and Garrett is watching and waiting as Billy begins the narrative: Again, in a later scene, Angela straddles him and hangs her clllected tight, “like clothespins,” to his shoulders p. A little scratchy, a little ‘first-take’. This set of three poems – “sad billys out,” his eye “magnifying the bones across a room,” and Ondaatje’s experience of writing – runs in a sequence on separate pages and is completed by a fourth, which recapitulates Billy’s awareness of the stress of stars and machines straining at each other.

In the second account, Charlie’s death is expanded and shaped deliberately on the page – the exposition of time, character, and winter season all introduced before the shot lifts Charlie back.

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

They pass the dog. I guess they’ll just put you in a box and you will stay there forever. Mar 28, Jan rated it it was ok. After relocating to Canada inOndaatje became a Canadian citizen. What a lovely depiction of the mucky wrestle that is lurve: The houses and sheds in rows making up the square.

In the afterword Ondaatje discusses how he began collecting pieces about Billy the Kid early on in his career, researching colleced he could, and writing short pieces of poetry, imagining what Billy the Kid also known as William Bonney was actually like.


The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left-Handed Poems – Wikipedia

When Billy describes his experience in writing his Workshis imagery merges with that of Ondaatje quoted above:. I just don’t think there is a word in the English language that would do it much justice. Again, Pat Garrett is described in a prose passage that is bracketed by the word assassin pp.

Machines – guns, camera, and pencil – are shown to fragment and isolate single impressions out of the movement of life. Jer ondaxtje ih, itekako ih ima.

The title of this book seems to have thrown many readers for a loop. An image, a rhythm, a single object in the visual field can provide an immediate point of reference to tie the sequence together; and the progressive expansion of structural units gives the pattern coherence and strength.

The Wokrs Works of Billy the Kid is one of the earliest attempts in North American letters at revising the W Michael Ondaatje is certainly one of the world’s greatest living writers.

It doesn’t tell a story as much as it paints a picture. Through these passages Billy explores the difficulty of catching reality out of the fragments of memory and incomplete perception. If you want to know. A poetry teacher in high-school introduced me to it. Snow on Charlie’s left boot. Fixity, precisely located here by the “left wrist,” thf given Livingstone’s life a surface order.

He is like Garrett, as both record the same scene at the Chisum ranch like technicians watching each other.