If you’re a developer using Crystal Reports for Eclipse (CR4E) for your reporting component, this blog entry will be of interest to you. I’ll discuss. SAP (Business Objects) has recently released Crystal Reports for Eclipse it as a separate package known as CR4E, which contains Crystal Reports for Java. Eventually you will get: JVM terminated. Exit code=1 /usr/bin/java -Xms40m – Xmxm -jar /home/msiegel/CR4E/download/eclipse/./ -os linux -ws gtk.

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Comment 42 Silenio Quarti I’m sure that given the appropriate level of attention this defect can be resolved. Comment 39 Silenio Quarti Eventually you will get: Enclosing it in quotes work.

– SWT_AWT bridge sometimes crashes on Linux

I don’t have the proper environment setup yet for SWT testing, so can some pass this parameter “-Djava. Unspecified error at org. Comment 72 Mark Siegel Undoing these actions is not supported. Comment 38 Steve Northover Comment 63 Jamie Woodhead Is there something else that I need to enable or any flags that I need to set?

Clone the SubreportLinks object before using the controller to modify the links: Comment 16 Omry Yadan Comment 21 Omry Yadan I believe that you are seeing bugwhich was fixed for 3. Comment 34 Steve Northover If so, could they add a link to it here.


Comment 64 Steve Northover Comment 31 Silenio Quarti But it is not critical – program continues working after this exception. Another thing that may matter is that we’re running Eclipse version 3. Comment 26 Silenio Quarti Comment 61 Steve Northover It looks like there is at least one eeclipse bad match in AWT.

Setting up a JDBC Connection in Crystal XI R2 to MS SQL – Stack Overflow

eclipee So if, for some reasons, XSetErrorHandler will return us xr4e to our own handler, then we could get stack overflow. How do I turn this on? Blag’s best blogs picks from New Business Objects forum category: Yes, I get this error before the crash. Comment 3 Steve Northover I used Eclipse 3. However, using the same test application I am able to reproduce a StackOverflowError with reasonable consistency. See Related links below: For example, you could call clientdoc.

I’m using eclipse 3. If you have a print-time side-effecting formula in the page header or page footer, it is not evaluated.

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse – Downloads

Please try the latest and reopen this bug if you still see the problem. I hooked it to the Display this way: I am running an RCP application from within eclipse.


Comment 45 Jamie Woodhead Formulas that depend on the side-effect will show different results in the drill-down view than in the main report view.

Comment 33 Steve Northover Comment ecllipse Omry Yadan Posted by sap business intelligence at If you require a different sort order, you must manually change the sort order.

However, we do this for atomic X calls – and restore the previous error handler immediately.

Reporting Solutions Using Crystal Reports for Eclipse

If you use a different character set, they may not be encoded properly. Comment 37 Denis Mikhalkin This probably reflects a bug in the program.

To modify the new group, type something like the following command: X error handlers are global. Should I create new bugs crr4e each of these issues? BadMatchso I’m not sure how useful it will be.