Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Other Identities. Front Cover. Anna Deavere Smith. Anchor Books/Doubleday, – Drama – pages. : Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities ( ): Anna Deavere Smith, Anna Deavere Smith: Books. Fires in the Mirror has ratings and 50 reviews. Cat said: This play made me fall in love with Anna Deavere Smith. Fires in the Mirror focuses on th.

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Robert Brustein, for example, writes in his New Republic article “Awards vs. I read this for a theatre class at The University of Minnesota. Dec 03, Elliot Ratzman rated it really liked it Shelves: The anger was fired by rumors that a Jewish ambulance wouldn’t help the child and by charges that “they” never get arrested.

She also expresses that the cause of the whole incident is because both Black and Jewish people are not trying to understand each other even thought they are living in the same community. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. A cires of Smith that includes her thoughts about Fires in the MirrorRugoff’s article praises the play and Smith’s performance in it.

About Anna Deavere Smith.

Smith provides information as to where each interview was done, including the settings and environment, other people that were near, and when the interviews took place.

It is the subject of the first section, it is important to the extended title of the play Fires in the Mirror: Smith describes her as “Direct, passionate, confident, lots of volume,” and it is also apparent from Pogrebin’s lines that she is self-confident and eloquent.

Since many are concerned with this issue, it creates discrimination by excluding people of other colors. Of Jewish descent and in her fifties.

Fires in the Mirror

This quote is describing how different races are competing to be the “best”. However, the fans, which represent either the Jewish or Black community, will always support the team that they have come for. I was very moved by the collection of all the perspectives. The many diverse perspectives are attempts to reduce, in Professor Aaron M.


Richard Schechner, “Anna Deavere Smith: Every speaker is an unreliable narrator, filled with prejudice, rage and conspiracy theory. In “Near Enough to Reach,” Pogrebin speculates that the tension and violence between blacks deafere Jews is due aanna the fact that Jews are close to blacks and take them seriously enough to address them in their rage.

Angela Davis, for example, stresses that race is a flexible and even arbitrary construction, in her scene “Rope. People are sensitive to such deep listening. Richard Schechner, however, was among those who discussed Smith’s stylistic prowess as a writer and performer.

The Tony Awards ceremonies confirmed thf again that the heart and blood, if not the brains, of smit Broadway theater is the musical. Anonymous Young Man 1: I didn’t even know this actually happened until reading about it, then later researching it.

Still, the issues of slavery, the Holocaust, racism, and race relations are all at play here, and that gives it plenty dmith gravitas. Wolfe and starred Anna Deavere Smith herself. As these events were unfolding, Anna Deavere Smith began a series of interviews with many of those involved in the conflict as well as those who were able to make key insights into its nature, its causes, and its results.

Fires in the Mirror |

The next section, “Hair,” begins with a scene in which an anonymous black girl talks about how Hispanic and black teenagers in her Crown Heights junior high school think about race and act according to their racial identities.

This invoked znna the pain and fear that I’d seen, albeit after deaavere fact, all the anger, the thoughtful, caring people who wanted to learn from it, the angry people who wanted to justify it, and most of all the confused, sad people who had shared this neighborhood until one horrible day.

Their biggest worry was why didn’t he get prosecuted. This car accident sparked a riot between the Hasidic Jewish community and the Black community because both communities felt betrayed and they also associated this with racism and their pass Anna Deaveree Smith’s goal for this book was to get the inside story from both the black community and the Jewish community.


The days of riots that ensue, enflamed by ethnic tensions and rabble-rousers, results in the stabbing death of an orthodox Jewish scholar. He was vires by the police and handcuffed, then threatened by a young black man with a handgun. The daughter of an elementary school principal and a coffee merchant, she was the oldest of five children. Miller then argues that the black community in Crown Heights is mirfor anti-Semitic.

The conflict between the blacks and the jews is very relatable, because in this world, there is a lot of racial tension between races.

A politician, minister, and activist famous for his advocacy of black civil rightsSharpton is one of the key black community leaders involved in the Crown Heights events. After PBS produced an adapted version of the play for television inbroadening the influence of the work, positive reviews began to appear in periodicals fites wide circulations.

Fires in the Mirror – Wikipedia

In expressing views about race in the United States and abroad, Smith draws from many key philosophies about race relations and refers to important figures in the history of race relations, including Malcolm XAlex Haleyand Adolph Hitler.

Please help improve this article if you can. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is annna for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. The music is meant to pair with the author’s background or the essence of each monologue. Jan 21, Pages Buy. The Drama ReviewSchechner praises Smith’s acting skills, writing that xnna composed Fires in the Mirror as a ritual shaman might investigate and heal a diseased or possessed patient,” in order to absorb her characters and mjrror them skillfully.

Fires in the Mirror was Smith’s major breakthrough.