In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters. Roberto Calasso is a literary institution of one. He has directed Eight years later, Calasso published Ka, a personal summation of Indian myth. His next three . Roberto Calasso (born 30 May in Florence) is an Italian writer and publisher. Apart from Another world civilization is surveyed in Ka (, where the subject of the re-telling is Hindu mythology). K restricts the focus to a single author.

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It was the sixties, the beginning of the Beatles and so much else. Di cosa parla sta scritto nella quarta.

Ka by Roberto Calasso | : Books

In a country where intellectuals like to complain, perhaps more than elsewhere, that literary culture has fallen by the wayside, Calasso has come to stand for a lost ideal: A moment later Garuda could make out a thousand snakes’ eyes, coldly watching him. And like the waters, it assumes the shapes of those k that press upon it. A tour de force of scholarship and seduction, Ka is irresistible.

It is rather harrowing. It’s a beautiful and compelling read.

During the wait, stories pariplavas of the deeds of gods and kings were endlessly recited. When I was twelve I met the man who was to become the great friend of my life. On opposite branches, at the same height, two birds could be made out, “inseparable friends. He reads novels and essays quickly for work and slowly for pleasure, takes very tidy notes on nearly everything at any given time he may extract a notebook from his jacket and jot something downand his prodigious calassl in calaasso great and small is almost discernible in the swift movement of his eyes.


The god accepted her offer, and united with her, making her a goddess.

Roberto Calasso

Rating books on a 5 point scale is seldom easy, but this book takes the cake. Pushing out its aerial roots, the asvattha slowly strangles the sami. Read it Forward Read it first.

In the first story, Garuda, the eagle, is born to save his mother from slavery to her own sister. Probably the most desperate year in the history of Europe, with the Nazis in Paris still thinking they were going to win.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Prajapati was the mind before anything existed. If you read as a means and not an end, i. Chapter VII describes the sacrifice of the horse, the “king ja all sacrifices,” Calasso writes, for he who celebrated it became king of all kings and would obtain everything he desired.

Since my twenty-first birthday, in Preview — Ka by Roberto Calasso. It reminds us that it will go on happening forever.


Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India

About Ka “A giddy invasion of stories—brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful. Fascinating journeying through the book, I found myself wishing that it never ended, rather than getting to the end. Chapter Three describes the desire of this Father for his daughter Dawn Usas.

I have always written with a fountain pen. Thinking the mind grew red calassoo. Feb 11, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: We are their slaves. We were able to go to the Teatro Comunale every Sunday because he had three orchestra places, and he would take us boys. The banner of its sovereignty is precisely this: But we managed to survive.

Paris Review – Roberto Calasso, The Art of Fiction No.

Later on, Bruno Walter, Mitropoulos, Fricsay, so many others. In Calasso, what makes the Buddha humanly graspable is his blundering disciple and cousin, Ananda. Each chapter can be read as a stand-alone story which could make the over-all book slightly disjointed.

Recipients of the Bagutta Prize. Certain writers or scholars, like Thomas Browne, believed that they were a secret language.