Listen to learn more about photon energy and the Great Shift in the Kahu and Kirael LIVE! CD recording, “Great Shift Updates: Lightworkers, Photon Energy and. Kirael has 13 ratings and 1 review. Kirael describes the most awesome evolutionary event in history — the great shift in consciousness. Kirael skillfull. “Kirael: The Great Shift” described topics that had not been written before. It is one of the expansive books that paved the way for other books to be written on the.

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The Day After the Great Shift by Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

It is time for you to take fear out of your journey. Kirael’s insights into the higher realms of love, joy and fulfillment will heal your feelings of loneliness, confusion and fear. After the Shift, what will the role of Signature Cell Healing be? Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. As an outside portal worker, you will have nothing to do with the inside portal work. How will my body look? As far as Mother Earth is concerned, the medium will put some things into Signature Cell Healing that will help you heal the animals and the Earth plane.

Customers who bought this item also bought. With respect to the Creator, it is more than a collection of thoughts. Adi rated it really liked it Dec 28, Inside portal workers will have knowledge they never had before. Well, roughly six billion people are on this planet and not all of them will make it through the Shift.

You will feel the food go into your mouth and your senses will be alerted as it slowly goes down your esophagus and into your stomach. Many people will be seriously emotionally hurt.


Will I have to cook it? It is a consciousness that will enable you to understand not only that you have a four-bodied system—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical—but also how to work with all of those bodies. I have read 4 books by Kirael now and have no doubt about the authenticity of these channelings. I attended one of these talks, and was impressed by the information.

Greay information he shares with us is precious. Love is the focus of Signature Cell Healing and you will have to take them through the healing journey with love.

Kirael: The Great Shift

The Great Shift is updated and revised. Kirael says, ” Kirael states, “The world as you recognize it today is coming to an end, only to be replaced by a world that is beyond your wildest expectations. Your reality is more suited to the post-Shift energy.

The reader will sshift much insight into the coming Earth changes and will be prepared and centered. Refresh and try again. As guardian for this Great Shift, are you planting the seeds to create a positive experience during the shifting process? Silvina marked it as to-read Jan 22, Alexandria marked it as to-read Oct 27, The sexual journey will be focused on what jirael feel.

Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift | Light Technology Publishing

It was being channeled through Kahu Fred Sterling head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light by a nonphysical being called Master Kirael a senior member of the Guidance Realm that lives in the seventh dimension. One wonderful thing about Kirael is that in a loving way he presents what is truth.

The Tasks of Outside Portal Workers. You will be thrilled, because you will feel the comforts and the joys of being in a new dimensional process. After reading the shlft, I knew I was guided to these books as it was a perfect blend with Kryon.


Books by Fred Sterling. They will be there with you and you will be able to see them and hear them clearly.

Various Roles During the Shift Q: They need to get the information out of them, because they have too much to contain it all. Likewise, the Shift in Consciousness is more than a mere thought pattern.

If you are on the Path to discover your spiritual self, you will be drawn to the works necessary for your growth.

Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift

In Signature Cell Healing, the medium is teaching how the four bodies relate to each other, and in Levels I and II, he is teaching you how to get through the three days after the Shift. Grrat aid stations will help them focus on themselves and the shifting energies.

Tje Genesis Matrix by Fred Sterling. Is it time to go home or is it time to start work? Zina rated it really liked it Jan 04, Remember, seven levels of consciousness exist for everything here, so your journey will be about what is happening in the Now. After the Shift, will we have a new blueprint in our signature cell? Kirael has awakened in me a greater reality of myself.