La lámpara maravillosa has 59 ratings and 11 reviews. En estos cuatro ensayos, William Ospina da un análisis sobre la educación actual y un elogio de la. La Lampara Maravillosa Carolina Cerón SOLUCIONES INFORMACIÓN – En exceso – Errónea – Sobrestimada Problemas que enfrenta. Go to First Page Go to Last Page. Rotate Clockwise Rotate Counterclockwise. Enable hand tool. Document Properties Toggle Sidebar. Find. Previous. Next.

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Subscriber Tools Renew Donate. Four essays about education and a tribute to the act of readingColombian William Ospina b. However, we expose ourselves to the danger that the worst of the world will take possession of us: However, the problem that Ospina analyzes in this short but meaningful essay collection is even deeper: The book is divided into four sections and a final essay.

Zazou (Madrid, 28, Spain)’s review of La lámpara maravillosa

In the first section, Ospina asks himself what is it that we really learn, and he analyzes how a faulty education often damages our curiosity toward what needs to be questioned in the world. The author observes that both the media and the wi,liam economy, one that favors cost over real value, make things even worse. To learn is a journey and a test in which we confirm our desire to abandon barbarism and obscurity.


In the third and fourth sections, Ospina analyzes the importance of language, not only as a means toward education but as the way maeavillosa acquire a personal style in order to become unique beings with respect to others. In this context, the author refers to osppina pre-Socratic philosophers, who thought with their bodies, by walking, by connecting with the physical reality that surrounded them.

It is noteworthy that, in an essay written by a poet, someone like Steve Jobs is highlighted. However, the act of reading is not only that. maravjllosa

The act of reading is a way to understand and love the world. For this reason, Ospina asks himself if it would be possible for us to renounce the gift that books contain, if we can really renounce the possibility of being more complete, free, and imaginative human beings.

But in our relationship with books, these three merge oslina.

It is important to rub it to understand what is hidden inside. Marcelo Rioseco University of Oklahoma.


Vista de La lámpara maravillosa de William Ospina | Interacción

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William Ospina

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