Review of Daston, Lorraine, ed. Things That Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science. New York: Zone Books (MIT Press). Pp. Hardcover $ Title, Things that Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science. Author, Lorraine Daston. Edition, reprint. Published, Length, 18 pages. Export Citation. Things that talk fleetingly realize the dream of a perfect language, in which words and world Lorraine Daston, Peter Galison, Anke te Heesen.

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Kristie Miller – – Acta Analytica 23 1: Lists with This Book. I think this was an interesting idea for a book also, but the essays were so short. Each object is revealed to be a node around which meanings accrete thickly. Things that talk fleetingly realize the fhat of a perfect language, in which words and world merge.

How to Do Things with Things.

Things that Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science – Lorraine Daston – Google Books

Holly argues that art works actively prefigure the histories that lorrainne be written about them. Find it on Scholar. History of Western Philosophy. The images were still deemed mechanical in nature, but some lawyers claimed that memory was itself photographic because all witnesses essentially relied on mental pictures for their testimony.


Neither the pure texts of semiotics nor the brute objects of positivism, these things are saturated with cultural significance. Things become talkative when they fuse matter and meaning; they lapse into speechlessness when their matter and meanings no longer mesh.

I suspect that readers will be attracted to particular topics, finding some more useful than others. Thomas rated it it was amazing Jan 13, She is the coauthor of Wonders and the Order of Nature, These delicate glass models of plants and flowers were meant to display post-Darwinian methods of botanical classification, bringing nature inside for the benefit of both students and amateurs.


Zack Anchors rated it liked it Jul 02, The introduction leaves the reader with so much hope for this interdisciplinary collaboration, where writers will describe things as diverse as glass flowers, soap bubbles, and Bosch paintings.

Things That Talk fleetingly realizes the dream of a perfect language, in which words and world merge. Unlike wax, which is more amenable to mimicking natural forms, glass is impractical, fragile and impressively difficult to work with. In nine original essays, thibgs renowned historians of art and of science seek to understand how objects become charged with significance without l Imagine a world without things. But not just any meanings: So, kudos for that.

Table of Contents: Things that talk :

Carmel Seymour rated it really liked it Dec 02, Antoine Picon – – In Lorraine Daston ed. In the end, Things That Talk: Jun 08, Jeff rated it really liked it. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Object Lessons from Art and Science offers intriguing case studies rather than an historiographical reflection on, or revision of, material culture studies. Some topics fit more or less neatly into the discipline of art history: Piconsome Pollocks as seen by Greenberg C.

Object Lessons From Art and Science. True to the particularity of things, each of the essays singles out one object for close attention: Imagine a world without things. Daston is primarily concerned with how and why these objects have consistently attracted admirers—admirers who seem compelled to produce verbal descriptions and evaluations of the Glass Flowers. Marieke rated it really liked it Apr 14, This effort to appreciate the materiality of objects has previously been undertaken, most tali by art historian Michael Ann Holly Each of the nine objects examined in this book had its historical moment, when the ghings of this thing to that thought seemed irresistible.


Things That Talk is a collection of essays by art and science historians, writing in very different tones on a series of very different things: Open Preview See a Problem?

Chris Hillyard rated it really liked it Nov 08, Trivia Loraine Things That Talk Aly rated it liked it Sep 10, Norton and Elaine M. The essays also felt a bit disconnected, although they started to pick up steam in the second half, starting with Joel Snyder’s inquiry into film and photographic evidence.

Book titles OR Journal titles. A good answer might be: Dastkn by Lorraine Daston. James rated it really liked it Dec 27, I enjoyed most the essays on bubbles and Harvard’s glass flowers. Christopher rated it really liked it Jan 05, Books by Lorraine Daston. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

This collection is unusual, in its almost-genre, in that the contributors do not seem to believe their own pet concerns are parroted by hapless lumps of matter. Kara rated it it was amazing Jul 01, Aesthetics categorize this paper.

At the same time, the sheer materiality of the Glass Flowers is fascinating.